Design & Art Direction


Posters have always been the basis of brand communication. Below, a few favorites I’ve designed over the years. For Klassik Living in Berkeley, I produced a limited edition of prints celebrating Mid Century designers.

Designing the key art, poster and more for I Am Known as an Artist was a great way for me to learn more about the amazing works of Wharton Esherick.

For the launch of Genentech’s STEM Program, FutureLab, I developed the lead visuals and branding. My favorites shown below.


Next, A poster I did at 72 And Sunny for Starbucks.


Here are a few colorful, activity inspiring images for an ad shop’s in-house health program.

Saul’s Deli in Berkeley, CA is a little slice of Brooklyn right on Shattuck Avenue. For their 30th anniversary, I developed these tasty graphics.


Shop At Home was in the market for a new look and feel. Working with Liquid Agency as lead designer, I developed a few variations for them to choose from.



Rally aims to simplify health management and awareness. In 2017, I led the design of their immensely popular HealthFest, hosted by Kevin Hart. Click the image to see more elements from the campaign.


For the film, Felix Austria, I created the key art and press materials.


When Citizen Cake Restaurant was under construction in San Francisco, I designed a series of posters to pique interest. Here’s my favorite.

Amy Adler, filmmaker and artist, hired me to design the graphics for two of her films. Mein Schloss, and Queen’s Park.

Whole Foods

Hundreds of products, three cities, a slew of unit shapes and sizes. How do you keep it all consistent? With a killer team, strategic brand playbook, and a pristine design. Working onsite at MullenLowe, I had the privilege of supporting an incredible group as senior designer on a first-of-its-proportion campaign for Whole Foods Market. Behold, #whatevermakesyouwhole.

Role: Senior Designer / Agency: Mullen Lowe Los Angeles / Client: Whole Foods / Media: OOH / ECD: Margaret Keene / Account Director: Bryan Reugebrink / PM: Wendy Kleinberg / GCD, Head of Copy: Barton Corley / GCD: Jeff Beberman / Design Director: Florencio Zavala / Art Director: Laura Beck / Copywriter: Hilary Smith

Big, delicious, unapologetic food takes center stage at every turn, achieved through a precise balance of white space, type, and image.

Working with perfectly crafted headlines and gorgeous photography made my job, um, delicious.

While the designs appear simple, it took considerable trial and error to achieve visual symmetry across each platform. Not to mention, legibility in some very interesting media units… Chicago, I’m talking to you!

The campaign centered in heavily trafficked transit stations in three key cities: NYC, SF, and Chicago. However, the most interesting media buy was for a few hand painted walls in Brooklyn, NY. True artistry brought to life by Colossal Media. The image below doesn’t do it justice but, the idea of bringing the store to the street was certainly impactful in front of these spectacular murals.

And if vast selection were ever in question… thoughts of lack were quickly dispelled in the presence of these life size walls and bus shelters.


Digital work

Whatever screen they’re browsing and clicking, I’ve designed something for it. Below, a few favorite digital projects. For angel investor, Larry Braitman, I created brand identity hallmarks that translated perfectly into his website. Of course, the best way to experience it is to visit the live site here. I’m especially proud of the involvement device (shown below) that allows users to move “mosaic” tiles around and create their own color overlays.

A website I designed and directed from the ground up to launch Siolta Therapeutic’s brilliant product that prevents asthma.

How do you spread the word about a tasty, sweet product that has an array of great and unexpected flavor combinations? You invite consumers to build their own and post the results, of course. That’s just what we suggested at BSSP with the Smashmallow “Smash-O-matic” device; an interactive tool with everything you need to design a popcorn-scotch flavored marshmallow. Yep, you heard right. Click on any of the images below to see more fun stuff for Smashmallow.

Onset Venture Capital needed a brand refresh that would help them appeal to a broader demographic. My idea was a handsome take on testimonials we titled, “Conversations”. Using oversize quotation marks and black and white portraits to lead the style, a minimal palette and subtle typography did the rest of the job.

For Starbucks, I was the senior designer on three campaigns. The work included animations, wraps, takeovers, itty-bitty banners, and more media units than there are Frappuccino flavors. Really.


At 72 And Sunny, I worked as a senior designer on the Google Impact Challenge, an integrated campaign that had a web component. Click on either screen to see more of the campaign.


Madison Reed, premium hair color, hired me to help them with a few new pages, and a fresh new look for their website.


At Liquid Agency, a great design project I got to help with was the rebranding of Tintri. Here’s some of the revised website we developed for them, to see more of the project just click the image.Tintri1_LuttonDesignWorking onsite at Digitas with an awesome team of creatives, I helped design and develop some of the brand new 30+ page Seller Center. Shown below is a recommended design I produced for the landing page. To see the rest of the work, click  here.

Marguerite Lutton Design


With Third Rail Agency, I helped develop eMail blasts for Xen Desktop from Citrix, a great product with a fun name. 


Another site that was fun to collaborate on was SanDisk. While at Liquid Agency, I was part of a team that helped update the UI and design across approximately 35 pages.


Cyber security is a hot topic and, a fun one to design around. Below, a screen shot from a project I worked on, to see more of the project click here.


Meyenberg Goat Milk was a great product to develop a website for. I got to completely refresh the hearty brand, while leveraging the strong family-owned voice that they had already established over the years. In addition to typical e-commerce functionality, some exciting additions to the new site are; a rollover super navigation, a main slideshow window able to hold multiple messages, a “may we also suggest” feature that is prompted when users put items in their cart, and a similar recipe feature that drives shoppers to further explore the Meyenberg product list. If you’d like to see a bit more of the work click here. Marguerite Lutton Design

Below, a few final snapshots of projects that showcase the variety of different “looks and feels” I’ve created over the years having worked on such a diverse array of brands.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design 

EO Products

Essential Oil Products created the natural beauty category over 25 years ago. Today, the naturals market is said to be work $13.2 billion and so crowded that even leaders need help standing out. Therein was my task for EO: help them reclaim recognition and market share. By stripping down the brand signature to focus on “Essential”, I developed a campaign that helped embed the brand name and benefits in the consumers mind via repetition and association. EO Products are not just Essential Oils but, even more; they’re essential to daily rituals, essential to smelling good, essential to overcoming dry skin, and the list goes on.

The Essential concept segued naturally into Social media by inviting interaction and participation. Questions like, “what is essential?” and “what does essential look like?” inspire myriad responses.

Brand values such as social responsibility, environmental awareness and healthy work ethics also fit nicely under the Essential umbrella.





Not your average marshmallow, Smashmallows are gluten free-goodies that borrow from days of ‘smore … and take it a step further. Better-for-you ingredients and flavors like Churro, Coconut, and Root Beer Float in clean, bite-size morsels make them irresistible — and downright delicious.


While working at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, we shared some fun ways to build Smashmallow awareness and to get folks talking about the interesting flavor combinations. Firstly, the Smash-O-Matic, a “build-your-own-flavor” device allowed users to combine atypical ingredients into one scrumptious concoction.



Peanut-butter-bacon-basil Smashmallow? Easy. Just build, smash and post. Sharing has never been more delicious.


Then there was the idea of swag.  What dashboard wouldn’t be complete without a Smashmallow air freshener?

What about scratch and sniff redemption coupons?

Another fun thought, a gallery where users are invited to post pictures of themselves indulging in massive quantities of Smashmallows…


Siolta Therapeutic’s mission is the eradication and treatment of asthma. For the launch of their brand, copywriter Diane Moe and I created a clean, easy-to-use website that speaks in layman’s terms but is still scientifically spot on.

We also took on the task of refreshing the brand by introducing; a revised more contemporary logo treatment, modern typeface, stripped down palette and lots of white space.

Nature and her passages were perfect visual metaphors of the destruction and healing of the microbiome. With that, a hearty image library was developed. Microbiomes and their kin also made for a great pattern library utilized to differentiate tiles and sections on the website.

Coors Light

While Coors had strong appeal and recognition amongst Baby Boomers, it’s voice and image needed some radical adjusting to resonate with a broader, more contemporary target. Design was a huge part of that equation. 72 and Sunny brought me in to help drive the global overhaul.

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Coors Brewing Company / Media: Print / Creative Directors: Galen Graham, Jed Cohen / Designer: Mike Farrell / Jr. Designer: Clelia Hernandez / Writers: Various



A few explorations that didn’t make the cut:

Including a booklet that was to be inserted in magazines:

The booklet got to the heart of the campaign by asking consumers to recognize their personal achievements that deserved just rewards, hence, Climb On.

Finally, some explorations for newspaper adverts:

Noyes Camp

Florence Fleming Noyes, a contemporary of Isadora Duncan and a dancer in the early 20th century, founded two dance camps in Portland Connecticut that are still in existence to this day. I have been a visitor to the camp for over 20 years and, this year, created a first of its kind brand book to help ease the camp into the 21st century.

The idea was to provide elements that allow multiple combinations for various uses — I wanted everyone to be able to express their own versions of what Noyes means to them. The result: A fun mix and match smattering of fonts, badges, images, and colors I’ve labeled “The Noyes Brand Toolbox”.

Historic images of Florence Noyes provided ample inspiration. 

The flexible system allows room for creative combinations, but also contains the necessary grab and go elements every brand needs.

Target Holiday Odyssey

Last year at 72 and Sunny I helped create support advertising for Target’s Holiday Odyssey, a 50 page interactive story book narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. The project had a full cadre of social, digital, in-store and OOH advertising. 

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Target / Media: Integrated / Creative Directors: Sara Rose, Garrett Jones / ACD: Kristina Krkljus / Copywriter: Daniel Hofstadter


The above was a landing page I designed for the scads of traffic that arrived before the actual launch of the storybook. Additionally, I explored various ways to introduce the storybook characters in social media, one such typographic style shown below.



Another fun element, how to treat the supers for social films, my favorite such example below (with a sure nod to horror flicks from days of yore).





At 72 And Sunny I had a great time working with the Starbucks team on three campaigns. My job was to design all of the digital elements, but I also got to jump in on some of the print and in store. Below, some highlights starting with the launch of Starbuck’s Rewards Program.

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Starbucks / Media: Integrated / GCDs: Barton Corley, Gui Borchert / CD: Alex Burnard / Design Director: Victoria Macey / AD: Christian Laniosz / Writer: TJ Waltham / Designers: Alex Nassour, Anna Vaughan / Producers: Liz Jones, Molly Fleet / Animation: WeareRoyale


Translating creative effectively into pixels is a challenging job that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Ironically, phones and devices are the platforms that most consumers see our work on these days. Our team made sure that every touchpoint, no matter how small, was a memorable and informative experience. Here’s a few storyboards from the animated banners, followed by some frames, wraps, and takeovers that helped launch the Rewards program.




For ColdBrew and Frappuccino, I got to explore more media units — large and small.



Can’t read everything? Click to enlarge.


Kevin Hart for Rally Health

Rally is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives. Their digital tools and programs empower individuals to make monumental healthy life changes. In 2016 I was the lead designer of Health Fest, Rally’s annual event that gathers crowds of over 5,000 participants. Health ambassador, Kevin Hart, energetically inspired people to move more, eat better, and feel great. In turn, I energetically built a campaign of materials that worked at the same pace and kept up with the best of them.











Luxury jewelry that holds eyewear, a brilliant and necessary idea. But how do you launch a brand in an undefined category out of thin air? By starting from the ground up and doing it all. bibilō was an open canvas with whom I partnered to create everything from strategy, design, and execution to: visual identity, full eCommerce site, packaging, complete Social Media presence… and the list keeps growing.




Kybella is an injectable treatment that eliminates double chins. To supplement a campaign based on this sometimes inherited trait, we created films somewhat atypcial for the aesthetic category, but relatable in their messaging. The stories chronicled fictional cover-ups and the great lengths people have undergone hiding their double chins in the past.

Role: Associate Creative Director / Agency: BSSP / Client: Allergan / Media: Integrated / ECD: Keith Cartwright / Writer: Erin Ridgeway / Producer: Rachel Saxon



eBay Seller Center

Working onsite at Digitas with an awesome team of creatives, I helped design and develop some of eBay’s 30+ page Seller Center.

With a new grid and framework, some specifics had already been established, but there was room for growth. Shown below are some of my recommended designs from early on in the design process. Feel free to view the full Seller Center here.

Marguerite Lutton Design

To view the live version of the Sell Online With eBay page, click here.  Below is another fun page from the Seller Center, the Seller Success Stories. Some of the features on the page have been modified or updated since this initial design but the basic idea remains the same. See the live sample here.

Marguerite Lutton DesigneBay provides sellers easy to use labels, we designed a page to show just how to use them. Here’s the design I presented and, if you want to see the live page click  here.

Marguerite Lutton Design


One of my favorite parts of the eBay project was working on a series of CTA banners to live on the Seller Center. Granted, these got really scaled back from what these designs look like below, but in an ideal world they might have looked more like these:

Marguerite Lutton Design


Comcast Merger

Consumer’s Union hired me to help them build awareness of the proposed mega-merger about to happen between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. These huge corporations stand to get even larger, more out of control, and further away from concern over consumers rights. In many ways, the first amendment is at stake as programming stands to become more controlled and financially driven, much less about breadth of choice.

I thought it best to just state the truth, envisioning something worse than Comcast today seems almost unfathomable, but the possibility exists. A visual collapse of the Comcast and Time Warner Cable logos created quite a beast, a great metaphor for the potential monster lurking in the distance.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Print ads blanketed Metropolitan DC in The Wall Street Journal, Politico, and Communications Daily .We supplemented the print with banners on The Washington Post.


Additionally, postcards were mailed and handed out with space on the back for personal testimonials as to why people didn’t want the merger to happen. They were then mailed to the FCC in bundles.







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