Design & Art Direction

Meyenberg Goat Milk

When School of Thought Agency asked me to create a website for their client, Meyenberg Goat Milk Products, I jumped at the occasion. Meyenberg was one of those things that I had seen for years on the shelf but, honestly, had never tried. The product was truly best of brand in the category, but a small category at that. Their fan base was a loyal one, but really limited to pastry chefs and a few lactose intolerant old schoolers.

Our thinking suggested leveraging the existing voice that dedicated consumers had come to love, while simultaneously reaching out to new customers: families, foodies, and lactose intolerant newbies. The old site had major room for improvement and my concept was simple. Utilize the familiar illustration style the packaging employed and endow the characters with personalities that could speak to all these new people.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Using an image carousel on the home page allowed for some really fun imagery and creative. Simultaneously we were able to create multiple messages and CTAs that drilled to specific targets. Research told us that families would appreciate health messaging, foodies would be prone to recipes and pretty much everyone could relate to humor.

Marguerite Lutton Design

In addition to typical e-commerce functionality, some additions to the new site are; a rollover super navigation, a “may we also suggest” feature that is prompted when users put items in their cart, and a similar recipe feature that drives shoppers to further explore the Meyenberg product list.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Klassik Living

I’ve always had a fascination with all things Scandinavian — design, architecture, and most obsessively: furniture. Living in the Bay Area and collecting all things Danish, it wasn’t long before I met Lynn Jensen, a pioneer importer of vintage goods direct from Denmark. When she opened her second brick and mortar establishment, Klassik Living, I was quick to offer my design services.

What began as a logo project turned into an ever evolving body of work including signage, in-store, website, print, mailers, and much more. Since then my collection of Danish Modern has grown and Klassik Living has become a staple for thousands of other Mid Century Modern fans across town. The following are some favorite samples of my work on the brand. Being a subject close to my heart, I also enjoyed writing the copy for these projects.


Marguerite Lutton Design



Marguerite Lutton Design







Google Impact Challenge

For the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Google worked with 72 and Sunny on a campaign honoring leaders of the Disability Rights Movement. I was brought in as a Senior Designer to help create the integrated campaign that ran in Washington DC and Los Angeles. The incredible portraits of individuals who played key roles in the passing of the landmark legislation were created by illustrator, Darren Booth.

The campaign received numerous mentions across news and advertising outlets like: The Washington Post, Creativity Online, and Adweek to name a few. To see the digital work and/or get more information on the Google Impact Challenge click here.

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Google / Media: Integrated / Creative Directors: Hema Patel, David A. Hays, Tony Stern





Click on either screen to visit the Impact Challenge website.






Working at Liquid Agency, I helped re-brand Tintri, a virtual storage specialist that calls itself, “a new model for IT”. Working from the ground up, we handsomely packaged the brand with a new identity that included: Icons, a new website, a beautiful identity system and more. shown here are a few highlights from the project.


As is the case with any good tech company, white papers and product information packets were a plenty. We snazzed things up a bit with clean, easy to read templates and layouts.


A library of icons all based on hexagons, now a huge brand hallmark, were also part of the project.


The website was, of course, a critical part of the assignment. After many an iteration, the final design, with hexagons as hero, rose to the top of the pile.



Radhika Abhyankar, the ACD on the project, truly brought the website to life with carousel illustrations and messaging that were again, based on the hexagon theme.



Tiny things, huge impact. That’s Sandisk’s niche as the global leader of flash memory removable storage solutions. A huge global brand — with a huge, data rich website. While working at Liquid Agency, I was part of the team that completely re-imagined the product detail pages across three key areas of business: Consumer, OEM and Enterprise. 


The task meant harmonizing page experiences via smarter hierarchy and layout choices. Originally, the pages were challenging to navigate and lacked visual cohesion. With the introduction of a few tabs, overlays and custom lead-in content for a large portion of the site, the updates were subtle to the average viewer but really powerful in an organizational sense.


By implementing visual standards across pages, we made it easier for users to follow the site’s delivery of information. In short: put the same things in the same places on all the pages and, surely enough, everyone will be able to find what they’re looking for.


One of our goals was to to bring more imagery to the site. My task was to create a cost effective, comprehensive library that looked unique and could be ownable. I collected, combined, and collaged hundreds of images together that became the current header graphics on the site. Below, some of my favorite solutions.


Put in place, the headers add just the right amount of humanity and emotion to the site without distracting from the important information on every page.




Madison Reed

Madison Reed, a new line of premium hair color, asked me to help them convert a new audience of potential consumers. The challenge? Get 40+ year old women to purchase hair color online, something that has historically been an in person purchase and a traditionally small category (can you name a brand outside of Miss Clairol?). This was a big challenge, we needed to educate, build trust and change behavior.

The assignment was originally to create a simple landing page – but my suggestion was a bit more comprehensive – add 5 new segments to the existing website that answered the question, What is Madison Reed Color? The feeling being, before we could sell any product, we needed to introduce ourselves to a skeptical crowd.

As the brand was in its early stages, identity elements were not fully established so I created a look that partnered easily but also introduced a fun and clean visual style. Clean portrait silhouettes with icons that spoke to the natural elements of the brand supported the elevated the experience.

MadReed_2_LuttonMy aim was to illustrate the 3 main benefits of Madison Reed color: It’s effectiveness, lack of harsh chemicals, and premium experience.

MadReed_1b_LuttonAs products go, Madison Reed truly had a lot going for them. The unboxing of their product is a highly elevated experience compared to parallel products, not to mention the celebrity support from industry leaders they quickly gathered.



The brand has a great tiered purchase experience that allows users to work with a stylist before making their final purchase, hence the “choose my color” CTA. But as is with any good marketing story, we end with a simple “start here” just to avoid any confusion.


eBay Seller Center

Working onsite at Digitas with an awesome team of creatives, I helped design and develop some of eBay’s 30+ page Seller Center.

With a new grid and framework, some specifics had already been established, but there was room for growth. Shown below are some of my recommended designs from early on in the design process. Feel free to view the full Seller Center here.

Marguerite Lutton Design

To view the live version of the Sell Online With eBay page, click here.  Below is another fun page from the Seller Center, the Seller Success Stories. Some of the features on the page have been modified or updated since this initial design but the basic idea remains the same. See the live sample here.

Marguerite Lutton DesigneBay provides sellers easy to use labels, we designed a page to show just how to use them. Here’s the design I presented and, if you want to see the live page click  here.

Marguerite Lutton Design


One of my favorite parts of the eBay project was working on a series of CTA banners to live on the Seller Center. Granted, these got really scaled back from what these designs look like below, but in an ideal world they might have looked more like these:

Marguerite Lutton Design


Cyber Security

With data breaches, Mr. Robot, and Edward Snowden as every-day topics of conversation, it’s no wonder cyber security is such a hot category.

Doing my part to participate in the fanfare, I developed designs and illustrations for a high level digital security report. Being such sensitive data, I can’t tell you who the client was, but I can share a few ideas with you that landed on the cutting room floor:


The idea was simple and instantly metaphoric in my mind. Words and data were literally the symbols being tampered and corrupted, it made sense for them to be the heroes of the illustrations.


Supplementing the typography with sparing but symbolic iconography, each illustration told a story unto itself.


Ending, of course, with a business message, an illustration of what is ultimately effected by a lack of security.