Design & Art Direction


Not your average marshmallow, Smashmallows are gluten free-goodies that borrow from days of ‘smore … and take it a step further. Better-for-you ingredients and flavors like Churro, Coconut, and Root Beer Float in clean, bite-size morsels make them irresistible — and downright delicious.


While working at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, we shared some fun ways to build Smashmallow awareness and to get folks talking about the interesting flavor combinations. Firstly, the Smash-O-Matic, a “build-your-own-flavor” device allowed users to combine atypical ingredients into one scrumptious concoction.



Peanut-butter-bacon-basil Smashmallow? Easy. Just build, smash and post. Sharing has never been more delicious.


Then there was the idea of swag.  What dashboard wouldn’t be complete without a Smashmallow air freshener?

What about scratch and sniff redemption coupons?

Another fun thought, a gallery where users are invited to post pictures of themselves indulging in massive quantities of Smashmallows…