Design & Art Direction


Print advertising is still a passion for me. Here’s a few CMYK success stories. Working on the LA Original campaign at 72 and Sunny I explored a few print options that didn’t get produced but, I still love them. The project was done in tandem with the Mayor’s office and aimed to modernize the global impression of our city.

Hulu brought me in house to develop a campaign aimed at strengthening their brand visibility. With an interest in showcasing their programming, my favorite execution was a device that could elegantly house multiple key visuals while simultaneously reinforcing the logo.


At 72 And Sunny, I was the senior designer on the campaign that brought Coors Light into the 21st century, CLIMB ON. Click to see the rest of the campaign.


Working with School of Thought Agency, I designed the campaign that won them the North Lake Tahoe account. To see more of the campaign, just click the image below.

Not everything I develop gets produced. Such is the case with this campaign I created for Bose:



Another un-produced campaign I developed at Liquid Agency for Good Technology:


Below, a campaign I designed for a new drug that needed some help standing out in a category flooded with photography.



For Microsoft Dynamics, working within their revised brand grid and using existing imagery, I created an energetic campaign to work across a variety of media. To see more of the campaign, click the image below.


For Hayes and Vine Wine Bar, I developed print campaigns as well as built the brand itself. Click the ad to see the rest of the work.


Sometimes the right purchases can take you places… as is the case with Visa Mileage Plus.


Working at Foote Cone and Belding, I had great pro-bono clients. Firstly, The Marin Agricultural Land Trust whose efforts support Marin’s small local farms. With MALT on board, small farms are able to sustain themselves and avoid subdivision. In addition to print ads, I also developed a logo and a fitting tagline for the pitch.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Secondly, The National Campaign Against Youth Violence was a visceral assignment that prompted a great campaign.



For a small but not-so-average brand, AloeCadabra,  I wrote and designed this campaign that also had an online component.

And here’s a little trip down memory lane, a campaign I created for Amazon during it’s early years. The size of the devices should give a clue as to its era.