Design & Art Direction

EO Products

Essential Oil Products created the natural beauty category over 25 years ago. Today, the naturals market is said to be work $13.2 billion and so crowded that even leaders need help standing out. Therein was my task for EO: help them reclaim recognition and market share. By stripping down the brand signature to focus on “Essential”, I developed a campaign that helped embed the brand name and benefits in the consumers mind via repetition and association. EO Products are not just Essential Oils but, even more; they’re essential to daily rituals, essential to smelling good, essential to overcoming dry skin, and the list goes on.

The Essential concept segued naturally into Social media by inviting interaction and participation. Questions like, “what is essential?” and “what does essential look like?” inspire myriad responses.

Brand values such as social responsibility, environmental awareness and healthy work ethics also fit nicely under the Essential umbrella.