Design & Art Direction

Digital work

Whatever screen they’re browsing and clicking, I’ve designed something for it. Below, a few favorite digital projects. For angel investor, Larry Braitman, I created brand identity hallmarks that translated perfectly into his website. Of course, the best way to experience it is to visit the live site here. I’m especially proud of the involvement device (shown below) that allows users to move “mosaic” tiles around and create their own color overlays.

A website I designed and directed from the ground up to launch Siolta Therapeutic’s brilliant product that prevents asthma.

How do you spread the word about a tasty, sweet product that has an array of great and unexpected flavor combinations? You invite consumers to build their own and post the results, of course. That’s just what we suggested at BSSP with the Smashmallow “Smash-O-matic” device; an interactive tool with everything you need to design a popcorn-scotch flavored marshmallow. Yep, you heard right. Click on any of the images below to see more fun stuff for Smashmallow.

Onset Venture Capital needed a brand refresh that would help them appeal to a broader demographic. My idea was a handsome take on testimonials we titled, “Conversations”. Using oversize quotation marks and black and white portraits to lead the style, a minimal palette and subtle typography did the rest of the job.

For Starbucks, I was the senior designer on three campaigns. The work included animations, wraps, takeovers, itty-bitty banners, and more media units than there are Frappuccino flavors. Really.


At 72 And Sunny, I worked as a senior designer on the Google Impact Challenge, an integrated campaign that had a web component. Click on either screen to see more of the campaign.


Madison Reed, premium hair color, hired me to help them with a few new pages, and a fresh new look for their website.


At Liquid Agency, a great design project I got to help with was the rebranding of Tintri. Here’s some of the revised website we developed for them, to see more of the project just click the image.Tintri1_LuttonDesignWorking onsite at Digitas with an awesome team of creatives, I helped design and develop some of the brand new 30+ page Seller Center. Shown below is a recommended design I produced for the landing page. To see the rest of the work, click  here.

Marguerite Lutton Design


With Third Rail Agency, I helped develop eMail blasts for Xen Desktop from Citrix, a great product with a fun name. 


Another site that was fun to collaborate on was SanDisk. While at Liquid Agency, I was part of a team that helped update the UI and design across approximately 35 pages.


Cyber security is a hot topic and, a fun one to design around. Below, a screen shot from a project I worked on, to see more of the project click here.


Meyenberg Goat Milk was a great product to develop a website for. I got to completely refresh the hearty brand, while leveraging the strong family-owned voice that they had already established over the years. In addition to typical e-commerce functionality, some exciting additions to the new site are; a rollover super navigation, a main slideshow window able to hold multiple messages, a “may we also suggest” feature that is prompted when users put items in their cart, and a similar recipe feature that drives shoppers to further explore the Meyenberg product list. If you’d like to see a bit more of the work click here. Marguerite Lutton Design

Below, a few final snapshots of projects that showcase the variety of different “looks and feels” I’ve created over the years having worked on such a diverse array of brands.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design