Design & Art Direction


Working at Liquid Agency, I helped re-brand Tintri, a virtual storage specialist that calls itself, “a new model for IT”. Working from the ground up, we handsomely packaged the brand with a new identity that included: Icons, a new website, a beautiful identity system and more. shown here are a few highlights from the project.


As is the case with any good tech company, white papers and product information packets were a plenty. We snazzed things up a bit with clean, easy to read templates and layouts.


A library of icons all based on hexagons, now a huge brand hallmark, were also part of the project.


The website was, of course, a critical part of the assignment. After many an iteration, the final design, with hexagons as hero, rose to the top of the pile.



Radhika Abhyankar, the ACD on the project, truly brought the website to life with carousel illustrations and messaging that were again, based on the hexagon theme.