Design & Art Direction

Taco Bell

At FCB West, I was CD on the Taco Bell account before it transitioned to their in—house agency. While my tenure was short lived, I covered quite a bit of territory and definitely learned how to “Live Más”.

First up were designs and marketing materials for the launch of what hoped to match the success of the Doritos Loco Taco, The Fritos Taco. While it only rolled out in a few test markets, the work was fun and, um, tasty.

Role: Freelance Creative Director / Agency: FCB West / Client: Taco Bell / Media: In Store / CD Copywriter: Adam Nowak



Using imagery from Taco Bell’s awesome Instagram feed, I designed a nutritional brochure that focused on the healthy variations the restaurant had to offer. Additionally, I designed posters for a tapas menu that never got off the ground.



For The Steak Double Dilla, we were asked to showcase the phenomenon of “unboxing” that is sweeping the country while also highlighting the large amount of steak in the Quesadilla. Additionally, I created a mark for the product that didn’t live but I think it has merit, shown below the POP.



The Cantina Power Bowl is a favorite “healthy” bowl option. I developed a mark for it that played up the rustic and hearty nature of the product.