Design & Art Direction


Tiny things, huge impact. That’s Sandisk’s niche as the global leader of flash memory removable storage solutions. A huge global brand — with a huge, data rich website. While working at Liquid Agency, I was part of the team that completely re-imagined the product detail pages across three key areas of business: Consumer, OEM and Enterprise. 


The task meant harmonizing page experiences via smarter hierarchy and layout choices. Originally, the pages were challenging to navigate and lacked visual cohesion. With the introduction of a few tabs, overlays and custom lead-in content for a large portion of the site, the updates were subtle to the average viewer but really powerful in an organizational sense.


By implementing visual standards across pages, we made it easier for users to follow the site’s delivery of information. In short: put the same things in the same places on all the pages and, surely enough, everyone will be able to find what they’re looking for.


One of our goals was to to bring more imagery to the site. My task was to create a cost effective, comprehensive library that looked unique and could be ownable. I collected, combined, and collaged hundreds of images together that became the current header graphics on the site. Below, some of my favorite solutions.


Put in place, the headers add just the right amount of humanity and emotion to the site without distracting from the important information on every page.