Design & Art Direction

Direct Mail

I’ve produced dimensionals, self-mailers, letter packages and the likes for big brands, small brands, and everything in between. Here’s a few select favorites from over the years.

For The AIDS Emergency Fund Awards Dinner, I created a fun poster that folded down into a 6×9 self mailer. I also did the typography and illustrations. The hats at the event were a hoot and a half.



When the AEF had their 20 year anniversary, I created a logo mark for them as well as a series of mailers announcing various events within the campaign. Additionally that year, The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund was launched so I created an invitation to their first birthday party. Growth was an easy theme to get everyone on board with.



For L’Atelier, a small Bay Area business, I created their identity as well as a self mailer that outlined their offerings.


Tech seminars and mail work really well together as is the case in this campaign for Sybase I created at Miller Kadanoff.


A fun dimensional fulfillment kit gave Softkey resellers incentive to participate with the brand. I did the illustrations for this package as well as the design.


For Khadra, a San Francisco dance company, I created a simple two color postcard to announce their event at Fort Mason.