Design & Art Direction

Madison Reed

Madison Reed, a new line of premium hair color, asked me to help them convert a new audience of potential consumers. The challenge? Get 40+ year old women to purchase hair color online, something that has historically been an in person purchase and a traditionally small category (can you name a brand outside of Miss Clairol?). This was a big challenge, we needed to educate, build trust and change behavior.

The assignment was originally to create a simple landing page – but my suggestion was a bit more comprehensive – add 5 new segments to the existing website that answered the question, What is Madison Reed Color? The feeling being, before we could sell any product, we needed to introduce ourselves to a skeptical crowd.

As the brand was in its early stages, identity elements were not fully established so I created a look that partnered easily but also introduced a fun and clean visual style. Clean portrait silhouettes with icons that spoke to the natural elements of the brand supported the elevated the experience.

MadReed_2_LuttonMy aim was to illustrate the 3 main benefits of Madison Reed color: It’s effectiveness, lack of harsh chemicals, and premium experience.

MadReed_1b_LuttonAs products go, Madison Reed truly had a lot going for them. The unboxing of their product is a highly elevated experience compared to parallel products, not to mention the celebrity support from industry leaders they quickly gathered.



The brand has a great tiered purchase experience that allows users to work with a stylist before making their final purchase, hence the “choose my color” CTA. But as is with any good marketing story, we end with a simple “start here” just to avoid any confusion.