Design & Art Direction

Mighty Leaf Tea

Working onsite at Liquid Agency in San Jose under the direction of Alfredo Muccino, CCO, I got to work on some really lovely projects in a really short period of time. First in this list was the beauty book we produced for Mighty Leaf Tea.

Working with gorgeous product imagery and Alfredo’s concept of packaging the book in a giant wooden box, I grew to love tea mighty fast. The result was this gorgeous box that housed a multitude of tea samples and an oversized book that sat inside the box. To this day I drink 2 bags of Vanilla Bean EVERY morning.

Shown here, details from a page where that featured words associated with the brand. This isn’t the final that made it to the book, but, close to it. I like to think of it as the promise wall of the Mighty Leaf brand. All said, it’s truly a beautiful and thoughtful product that I really enjoyed working on.