Design & Art Direction

eBay Seller Center

Working onsite at Digitas with an awesome team of creatives, I helped design and develop some of eBay’s 30+ page Seller Center.

With a new grid and framework, some specifics had already been established, but there was room for growth. Shown below are some of my recommended designs from early on in the design process. Feel free to view the full Seller Center here.

Marguerite Lutton Design

To view the live version of the Sell Online With eBay page, click here.  Below is another fun page from the Seller Center, the Seller Success Stories. Some of the features on the page have been modified or updated since this initial design but the basic idea remains the same. See the live sample here.

Marguerite Lutton DesigneBay provides sellers easy to use labels, we designed a page to show just how to use them. Here’s the design I presented and, if you want to see the live page click  here.

Marguerite Lutton Design


One of my favorite parts of the eBay project was working on a series of CTA banners to live on the Seller Center. Granted, these got really scaled back from what these designs look like below, but in an ideal world they might have looked more like these:

Marguerite Lutton Design