Design & Art Direction

Comcast Merger

Consumer’s Union hired me to help them build awareness of the proposed mega-merger about to happen between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. These huge corporations stand to get even larger, more out of control, and further away from concern over consumers rights. In many ways, the first amendment is at stake as programming stands to become more controlled and financially driven, much less about breadth of choice.

I thought it best to just state the truth, envisioning something worse than Comcast today seems almost unfathomable, but the possibility exists. A visual collapse of the Comcast and Time Warner Cable logos created quite a beast, a great metaphor for the potential monster lurking in the distance.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Print ads blanketed Metropolitan DC in The Wall Street Journal, Politico, and Communications Daily .We supplemented the print with banners on The Washington Post.


Additionally, postcards were mailed and handed out with space on the back for personal testimonials as to why people didn’t want the merger to happen. They were then mailed to the FCC in bundles.