Design & Art Direction

The Bridge Fund

The idea was simple, create an organization that could financially assist people in times of need. The Bridge Fund was formed but had no identity or marketing materials. Located in a wealthy area of Florida, the team knew that the resources were out there, but needed a way to reach potential donors. 

I volunteered to help them get off the ground by graphically establishing their brand, and also created their first mailer to solicit donations. It all started with a sketch I made of an old wooden bridge in Bonita Springs that had come to be the central metaphor for the organization. As with any good branding assignment, I presented a range of identity options and color palettes before arriving at the final solution. After establishing a visual voice for the brand, I went on to generate the mail package. I wanted to create a piece that mirrored the warm, grassroots personality of the organization but could be taken seriously at the same time. Additionally, I wanted the piece to have an afterlife — my thinking was this booklet could also be handed out as a brochure after the mailing. The graphic solution was a simple 2 color letterpress brochure that fit in a #10 envelope. The bridge image was embossed on the cover adding a tactile and under produced quality to the piece. The simple illustration style carries on throughout the booklet. The messaging is concise and benefit driven, nothing high concept here but function and practicality work to tell the tale. For donation simplicity, the last page of the booklet is an easy to use response device. Marguerite Lutton Design The piece was a success and helped the fund raise it’s first donor base. As their brand grows, more people are receiving assistance and being bridged to the support they need. Recently, a local high school volunteered to build a website for The Fund, I was happy to be asked for a few suggestions on how to leverage the brand. I’m always thrilled to help out on projects like these when I can, seeing them actually succeeding is the best kind of accolade one can receive.